Each day of the School will be devoted to a specific subject. The lectures will start from the basics of NMR and EPR providing  the necessary background for description of advanced magnetic resonance experiments.

September 15: Arrival and welcome party

September 16: Theoretical framework for magnetic resonance

Subjects: introduction into quantum mechanics; spins and spin operators; density matrix; rotating frame; pulses; basics of pulsed MR spectroscopy; spin relaxation; product operators; tensors in NMR and EPR.

LECTURES 1-2: quantum mechanics of the spin momentum, spin Hamiltonian, density matrix, time evolution of spin systems, Liouville-von-Neumann equation

LECTURE 3: Basic pulse experiments in magnetic resonance, MR observables, coherences, coherence order, 1D and 2D NMR, spin echo sequences

LECTURE 4: Relaxation in MR, T1 and T2, Bloch equations, Overhauser effect and NOE

LECTURE 5: Product operator formalism

Tutorials: Product operator formalism

September 17: NMR

Subjects: NMR principles; spin interactions in NMR; 2D NMR; 3D NMR; assignment in protein NMR spectroscopy; basics of solid-state NMR

LECTURE 1: NMR interactions, spin Hamiltonian

LECTURE 2: Spin interaction tensors, irreducible tensors, spherical basis, magic angle spinning


LECTURE 4: bio-NMR, 2D NMR and 3D NMR, NMR assignment

Oral presentations of young scientists

September 18: EPR

Subjects: EPR principles; spin interactions in EPR; pulsed EPR: spin echo, ESEEM, ELDOR/DEER, RIDME

LECTURE 1: EPR spin Hamiltonian, EPR interactions

LECTURES 2-3: Pulsed dipolar EPR spectroscopy, distance measurements

LECTURE 4: Relaxation in EPR

LECTURE 5: Pulsed EPR instrumentation

Oral presentations of young scientists

September 19: Spins of electrons and nuclei

Subjects: hyperpolarization, DNP; spin chemistry and CIDNP/CIDEP; paramagnetic NMR

LECTURE 1: EPR in solids, ESEEM, HYSCORE, ELDOR-detected NMR

LECTURES 2-3: hyperpolarization, DNP, DNP mechanisms, DNP applications

LECTURE 4: effects of electron and nuclear spins in chemistry

LECTURE 5: CIDEP of radical pairs and triplet molecules, CIDNP, ONP

Tutorials: Hyperfine spectroscopy, ENDOR, ELDOR-detected NMR

September 20: NMR and EPR in action

Subjects: NMR of biomolecules: structure determination; combined NMR-EPR approaches

LECTURE 1: NMR-based structure determination for biomolecules

LECTURE 2: Site-directed spin labeling, modeling of spin label conformations in biomolecules

Tutorials: DeerAnalysis, SPIDYAN, MMM

LECTURE 3: Indirect detection, electrically and optically detected EPR

LECTURE 4: Recent highlights in MR, future of MR