We cordially invite students, PhD students and young scientists from various fields of magnetic resonance to participate in V International School for Young Scientists «Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Phenomena in Chemical and Biological Physics». The School will be held on 15 — 20 September 2018 in “Raivola” hotel, Roschino, near St. Petersburg, Russia. The scope of the school is relatively broad. It includes pulse EPR, pulse EPR and spin chemistry. The feature of the School is approach to these apparently different topics with common theoretical framework, with intention to obtain deeper understanding of “spin mechanics”. The aim of the school is to provide the participants with systematic knowledge of the mechanisms of the action of pulse sequence commonly used in modern EPR and NMR. Also, mechanisms of the action of chemical reaction of electron and nuclear spins, playing the major role in spin chemistry, will be considered.
The program will include theoretical lectures and practical tutorials. This will give the participants the possibility to calculate themselves the evolution of spins in numerous pulse EPR and NMR experiments and, ultimately, to design novel magnetic resonance experiments.

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